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Welcome to my gallery, my name is Brenda Constable. I live in Lidsdale, near Lithgow with my dh Adrian & ds Joshua (2 1/4). I started scrapping in August 2001 and am now a Dreamtime Scrapbooking Consultant. My hobbies, other than scrapping, are cooking, reading, catching up with friends, photography and spending time with my family. As you can see, most of my pages involve my beautiful son Joshua. I am a Dream time Scrapbook parties consultant, so if you want to know how to get 20% off your scrapping supplies forever, just email me! I will be uploading more layouts soon, so please check back often. Just Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture and then click the back button on your browser to come back here.


XMAS 2001

This is one of my favourite layouts. - Joshua has such a lovely smile when he tries.

XMAS 2001

These photos are of our little family putting the xmas tree up for 2001. Joshua made some really nice poses that where not forced (I

Boys will be Boys

Another favourite of the boys just being themselves in the backyard. The original titling didn't turn out too well, so I used some rippleboard to cover it.


I found the verse for this page from a mail order catalogue for a childs poster.




This one is ofJoshua playing in his wading pool under the pergola. He was reluctant to get into the pool at first, but once in there you couldn't get him out.


A layout of my cat Oscar fast asleep in the long grass


Pictures of my son Josh after wearing himself out!

This layout was published in Scrapbooking Memories Magazine.


Here's my Josh again in his elements. He just love soaking in the bath & loves being cute for the camera.


This is a L/O of our three dogs Dufus (left), Charlie (right) and Lucy (centre), who is my favourite.


I left this untitled. I loved the picture so much I had to do something with it.
The moon is from
I also used chalks, star punch & silver ribbon for the tassel.

Joshua James

A double layout celebrating the birth of our beautiful son.


First Time In The Big Pool





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