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Welcome to my gallery, My name is Diane. I live in Lithgow, NSW, with my wonderful husband Mark ,and a 2yr daughter named Sarah. i play hockey and usually scrap til 1-2 am when i can, as i also work full time. I will be uploading more layouts soon, so please check back often. Just Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture and then click the back button on your browser to come back here.


Fun in the Mud

These photos were lucky they were taken as I caught Sarah out sitting in the mud in the rain..... normally Iwould have roused on her, but something said "get the camera" and I'm glad I did..

Fun in the Mud/2

Background from bo bunny, and i made the doll up from "little sticks" and leftover material from sarah's tracksuit. The mud splatt and word is made up of a photo I took of the mud...

Christmas 2001

Mark had worked 12 hours coming off at 8am, this is why he looks soooo tired. but he wanted to help Sarah unwrap her christmas presents and ended up staying up all day..sarah got a humphrey b bear doll and the red car to drive around in.....she had a great day.

Christmas 2001

This was Sarah's first experience with pixifoto, and I don't think she was too impressed. All she wanted to do was to get out of the box that the man put her in

Our Wedding Day

Beading done by hand and flowers left over from our wedding. Another layout where the embellishments took a lot of time, but I am happy with the result

Our Wedding Day

Vellum is autum leaves from stamp-it, I hand threaded the beads myself onto pink embroidery floss. The flowers were left over from the wedding.


Tthe first snow for 2001 and 6:30am.. poor Sarah was still sleeping when I ventured out. Icouldn't help it, I woke sarah up to get some photos of her playing in the snow....the things our children do
to satisfy our habit....


CM raspberry embossed photo corners, flanel paper- sugar, sticky die-cuts-snowflakes, chalks, cardstock and pink tombow pen.. The snow boot was my design.


First frame page I ever did and my favourite. Sarah was only 2 months old, with a beautiful smile. Embellishments were from the local "clints" store. The lettering was from a money box her greatgrandfather made when she was born, since dropped and broken.



The background paper for this is very busy, but I really like the finished page

Australia Day

This is the first time I have used vellum to frame a photo in a layout

Sarah loved her tiger face, I was not allowed to wash it off until daddy had seen it

Australia Day/2

Sarah and her cousin Angela at Queen Elizabeth Park in Lithgow. Sarah had a really wonderfu day

Visit to McDonald's

Doesn't everyone take their camera to Mcdonald's??

Visit to McDonald's /2


Day Care Dayz

My daughter's day care group. This is a page that I did at CM Class then took home and chalked and finished

Arabian Princess

A Pixifoto that was torn around the edges then inked in gold, some organza held down with brads is the main decoration.


wasn't sure what to do with these photos. went to the croppery in telopea and saw these puzzle punches. ....a great
place to go for the day if you can get there...


This was also the first time I
used wire and the second time for eyelets...


This is my nephew Gian-carlos, he is almost 12 monthsyounger than our Sarah but they are great friends.


They get along famously as well as fight famously...


Sarah and her Daddy

Believe it or not, the photos in these two layouts were taken months apart from each other

Sarah and her Daddy/2

But they fit in really well together. Oh, and Cody is the dog :>



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